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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Need To Bake Like a Pastry Chef At Home?

Inspire Your Friends And Family

With Something Special…

"By a long shot the best internet heating instructional exercises ever!"

Sammy, London

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Dear Pastry Friend,

At the point when was the last time you served a cake and your companions took a gander at one another, grinning, then swinging to you asking… "Where did you purchase that?" :)

Wouldn't it be magnificent in the event that you could make cakes and pastries with an expert look and splendidly adjusted taste? Cakes that make your loved ones miracle whether you transformed into a French patissier over night?


Presently YOU can make Chef Keiko's baked goods at home…

Howdy, my name is Keiko. I am an expert patissier and cake educator. My understudies are "ordinary" individuals with no previous instruction or uncommon aptitudes in heating…

Housewifes who wish to make something uncommon for their next family festivity

Undergrads who like to convey a delectable cake to the following gathering

Office specialists who affection to put favors their associate's countenances…

Shouldn't something be said about you?

Why would you like to learn making immaculate cakes?

Whatever your inspiration may be… Let me help you coming to you're objective.

Envision what your companion's responses will be the point at which you introduce an expert cake next time. Not a costly cake you purchased in the patisserie… an expert and tasty cake that YOU made independent from anyone else!

Perused what individuals say in regards to and watch the sample feature underneath. I'm anticipating inviting you as another individual from my elite baked good group.

Cheerful preparing!


>>> Join Keikos-Cake… (click) <<<

Enhance Your Baking Skills With Ease

Here are only five of the numerous delectable treats you can make for your friends and family:


★ Provence ★

Frangipane with dried natural products on a tart base with apricot jam and smooth nectar mousse. This cake is a reference to the Provence, a lovely area in France.

Twofold Cheese

★ Double Cheese ★

Two cheddar cakes in one. :)

A prepared cheddar cake with blueberry compote and a smooth cheddar mousse on a disintegrate base.

Gateaux Caramel Orange

★ Gateaux Caramel Orange ★

A rich cake with smooth caramel mousse and orange cream filling. Adorned with chocolate plates and orange jam coat. You can utilize the chocolate plates for different cakes also…

Dark Forest Roll

★ Black Forest Roll ★

It's a move cake rendition of the exemplary Black Forest cake. The chocolate chiffon wipe makes this cake additional delicate and scrumptious.


★ Truffles ★

Figure out how to make truffles and bon chocolates! Gourmet specialist Keiko demonstrates to ace chocolate treating so you can work with chocolate like an ace.

Do you think you can make these noteworthy cakes?

I wager you can!

Every cake accompanies a feature and point by point pdf guidelines with bunches of pictures. It demonstrates how you can make every cake and sweet from beginning to end.


"Be that as it may, suppose it is possible that my cake doesn't look so pleasant and flawless as on your glossy pictures.


Don't worry about it! You can simply approach the Chef for help! Post your cake pictures in the part gathering and Chef Keiko will let you know what went wrong and how to alter it. Is it accurate to say that it isn't decent to have a baked good culinary specialist give you particular tips how to enhance your cakes to flawlessn

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