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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Catch Your Cake

Why great photographs?

Do you invest hours on making lovely cakes, and afterward you're humiliated to share the photos you took of them? Have you ever wished you had an arrangement of delightful pictures to demonstrate your potential customers, yet you can't manage the cost of an expert photographic artist? Have you presented a photograph on online networking and composed underneath, "Too bad for the terrible photograph! It's a telephone pic!"? On the off chance that ANY OF THOSE SOUND FAMILIAR, THEN CAPTURE YOUR CAKE IS THE CLASS FOR YOU. Whether you are a maker of cake, cupcakes, treats, cake pops, macarons or are awesome at styling sweet smorgasbords, taking extraordinary photographs of your manifestations is key to building up an effective business. The main thing a client will see about your site or online networking records is the photographs of your work. The issue is, more often than not you're taking photographs late during the evening in a dim and untidy kitchen and you're excessively depleted, making it impossible to stress over setting it up wonderfully. At times you just rapidly snap a photo of the cake in it's container just minutes before the client lands to lift their cake up. You then go to share your photographs and wince when you need to say, "Too bad, it's a truly terrible photograph! It looked a considerable measure better, all things considered." Great photography doesn't need to mean owning an extravagant camera, investing hours setting up the ideal shot, purchasing heaps of pricey props or sitting tight for the light to be precisely right.

You can take awesome, proficient quality cake photographs – utilizing just your cell phone and the abilities Andy educates in Capture Your Cake.

No cumbersome cameras, no costly hardware or programming!

No inclination disillusioned that the cake looked better, in actuality.

Just you, your exquisite creation and your cell phone, making proficient looking pictures you'll be pleased to share again and again.

Catch Your Cake is an online class where you will realize everything you need to think about bringing proficient looking photographs with your cell phone. I'll reveal to you literally the same cake photography systems I instruct my own understudies, demonstrating to you best practices to take astonishing looking pictures inevitably. Extraordinary photographs will help you manufacture a portfolio, expand your profile and construct your image – which thusly develops your business and builds your benefit!

The whole bundle of 9 essential modules PLUS 8 extra modules is an one-time venture of just $39 AUD


Obviously, it accompanies a "You Love It or I Buy It Back from You Guarantee." If you don't love Capture Your Cake for any reason, essentially drop me a line at and I'll purchase the whole class once more from you.

About Us

Behind: Capture Your Cake

Meet Andy & Miranda. Andy Knight – Owner of Forscene Studios in Melbourne, Australia & Co-Owner of and Miranda Piotrovska, Owner of Sweet Sticks and At the point when Miranda drew closer Andy with the thought of making a course to show individuals how to bring proficient looking photographs with their cell phone, Andy was instantly intrigued. He by and by knew the amount of time and cash it can cost to catch the ideal photograph and how it's practically unimaginable for smaller scale to little organizations to accomplish this whilst attempting to begin or assemble their own organizations. This course is a path for individuals to permit their work to sparkle and get trustworthy credit on an online networking front furthermore obviously new customers. "I need to engage and urge individuals to radiate through their interests. This course is intended to do only that! I do what it takes to get the right picture, and I attempt to anticipate the subsequent picture before touching my camera" - Andy Knight.

Our Info

Melbourne, Australia

Cakes by Andrea

The whole bundle of 9 essential modules PLUS 8 extra modules is an one-time venture of just $39 AUD


Obviously, it accompanies a "You Love It or I Buy It Back from You Guarantee." If you don't love Capture Your Cake for any reason, basically drop me a line at and I'll purchase the whole class over from you.

What's Included


15 features demonstrating to you regulated proper methodologies to enhance your photography. Regardless of where you are on the planet, you can get to the whole course and have it to allude back to over and over. The whole course is facilitated on our expert Vimeo record to guarantee you have vigorous access.

digital book

You'll likewise get my in a split second downloadable digital book. It incorporates the majority of the data in the features exhibited in a digital book group, which is ideal for alluding back to when you simply require a speedy refresher.

Private Facebook

You can transfer your work to our private Facebook page, and Andy will give you some direction to make them look awesome. highlights

There are 9 very point by point, orderly feature modules:

Feature 1: Introduction & Equipment

This basic feature acquaints you with your educator Andy, and experiences a couple of things you may like to put resources into, a large portion of which can be found at your nearby specialty or office supply store.

Feature 2: Lighting

The ideal photograph begins with the right lighting. I'll show you how to locate the right lighting in any circumstance and how to position your item in those circumstances.

Feature 3: Reflectors

In this module we'll realize what a reflector is and how to best utilize one. Utilizing reflectors can take your photograph from "adequate" to "stunning!" The distinction is in figuring out how to control the shadows with reflectors.

Feature 4: Shooting at Night

It's late, and you're depleted twilight of brightening that 4 level wedding cake or making those 200 cake pops – yet you're truly glad for what you've done and need to have a decent photograph of it to hotshot. This module is about taking the 'it's 2am and I'm totally worn out!' photographs and they will even now look awesome.

Feature 5: Composition

Sythesis is the means by which you orchestrate or set up together the things that make up your picture. Great organization speaks the truth knowing which shapes and extents cooperate to make the most outwardly engaging photo.

Feature 6: Colors

Utilizing corresponding hues can make a promptly more appealing photograph. We cover what you have to think about utilizing shading procedures outwardly and sincerely in your picture.

Feature 7: Props & Set-Up

Utilizing props as a part of a picture is something we believe is saved for expert picture takers. I'll demonstrate to you proper methodologies to utilize what you've as of now got the chance to make incredible landscape to best hotshot your manifestations.

Feature 8: Photographing Large Cakes

In light of their diverse sizes, taking a photograph of a cupcake and a photograph of a three-layered cake is a bit distinctive. This feature demonstrates to you best practices to get the best photographs for bigger cakes without losing any of the delightful points of interest.

Feature 9: Dessert Tables

Sweet tables are massively famous at festivities nowadays. With such a large number of distinctive components on the table, and such a major presentation, it can be hard to catch pictures which mirror the general feel of the smorgasbord and also highlight the individual treats. In this feature, we cover what you have to know not an enduring memory of your perfect work of art. Since You've Got The Basics, I'd Also Like to Give You


FREE BONUS #1: An Invitation to My PRIVATE Facebook Group:

Communicate with me one-on-one and get support from other similarly invested individuals from around the globe. In the gathering you can make inquiries, share your victories and get progressing tips. You can transfer a photo and Andy will investigate it and give you input – and help you change things in the event that it needs somewhat more conformity to get it that tiny bit better. In the event that you've got a photograph that is truly vital to you, maybe one you will use in your print advertising or will submit to a magazine, Andy will actually help you verify it will be awesome before it goes to print.


Alongside the nine full-length feature modules, you'll likewise get my in a flash downloadable digital book. It incorporates the majority of the data in the features exhibited in a digital book design, which is ideal for alluding back to when you simply require a speedy refresher.

FREE BONUS #3: How to Use Photoshop on Your Smartphone:

We've all known about it, however not very many individuals know how to utilize it – not to mention use it on their cell phone! This feature reveals to you some brisk, simple approaches to utilize Photoshop to make your pictures that one stride further.

FREE BONUS #4: How to Blur Your Background:

In case you're taking an incredible photograph however then notice that the foundation isn't precisely as you'd like it, you'll have to know how to obscure it out. This reward feature will show you to obscure the foundation so that your cake is the main thing individuals notice.

FREE BONUS #5: How to Watermark Your Images:

In case you're sharing your pictures on the web, you ought to be watermarking them to secure your image and help customers discover you. In this reward feature we clarify what a watermark is and the orderly process on the best way to watermark your pictures.

FREE BONUS #6: Putting It All Together:

Presently you've got an extraordinary picture, you need to give it a touch of last preparing – this feature covers the work stream from crude photograph through to watermarking.

FREE BONUS #7: Consistent Branding:

This feature spreads clues and tips about keeping up a reliable style to your business. We'll speak genuinely about you're marking and give you some incredible cases of consistency and style.

FREE BONUS #8: Smartphone Pro White Background:

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