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Sunday, July 12, 2015

At long last! A Program That Teaches You DABKE!

Dabke Quickstart Checklist
Samir-BW-DabkeTo all individuals who need to learn Dabke,

Have you ever pondered what may be keeping you away from learning and being extraordinary at Dabke? From being certain and joining in the enjoyment at weddings and gatherings? Is it true that you are prepared to let free and truly have a good time? Is it true that you are prepared to learn Dabke that interfaces you with your way of life, your companions and your crew? It is safe to say that you are prepared to learn Dabke that will get you consideration from a potential spouse or wife? Perhaps the consideration of a gathering of fellows or young ladies?

Provided that this is true, then you have arrived at the opportune spot…

My name is Samir Hasan, and with the assistance of my understudy Youssef, I am here to help you! Here is the thing… Training many individuals to do Dabke and specifically performing in several shows has given me an uncommon knowledge into how to perform and show Dabke moves from numerous nations including Palestine, Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan and the Gulf. I'm going to impart to you some regular slips alongside my gathering of Dabke moves I've called "Dabke101″ which I believe are essential for individuals to know whether you are going to any Arab Wedding or Party. Give me a chance to TEACH YOU HOW TO DABKE! On this very page you are perusing right now, I'm going to uncover to you the most proficient showing strategies for rapidly learning Dabke while preparing in your own particular home at your own particular pace!

Cautioning: There are no pills or mixtures and this will take some diligent work, so in case you're searching for an enchantment settle then you've arrived on the wrong site. Be that as it may, in the event that you are hoping to have a great time, realize a wide range of Dabke steps, moves and schedules from somebody who has put in 15+ years in the business then you've go to the opportune spot.

The Problem: Limited Time + Lack of Teachers

Let's be honest, as most other individuals you've glanced around on the Internet, you've searched for clubs to go along with, you've searched for books and you may have even attempted to YouTube it… There is nothing worth while out there. In case you're sufficiently fortunate to discover an instructor you need to set aside a few minutes to go to their studio or pay bunches of cash for every session. In the event that you attempted to shape a gathering you manage individuals not considering it important and missing classes. In case you're truly fortunate and you discover a gathering, they're typically excessively progressed and you remain there with an astounded look all over attempting to keep up! Exercise in futility and STRESS!

Give me a chance to ask you this…

On the off chance that you did discover a few features on the Internet, who might you rather gain from? A normal fellow who knows a couple moves or an instructor who has done Dabke before International pioneers and has taught endless quantities of individuals?!

In the event that you said "the educator", you've nailed it!

How about we say you got truly fortunate and you discovered a talented Dabke dance lover by shot. In the event that they don't know how to show you legitimately then you'll both simply squander your own time. They additionally wont have any kind of arranged regulated structure that gradually shows you and enhances your Dabke aptitudes regardless of the possibility that you've never moved Dabke… ever!

The Truth: There is Nowhere to Learn Dabke

The fact of the matter is that the greater part of the immense schedules you discover online and see at weddings require significant investment and are taught by and by from one individual to another. Individuals don't have attach time to learn or even instruct nowadays particularly on the off chance that you've landed a position, school or family to oversee like whatever is left of us.

The truth is your just opportunity to learn Dabke is a couple of hours occasionally when you go to a wedding. Here is the thing that ordinarily happens at weddings: You get scared and go to the end of the line where individuals are doing likewise old two stage move. You stay there and observe in amazement as the gentlemen at the front of the line bounce around in giggling and fun. You want to be ready to join in. You ought to be at the front of the line! Envision how pleased your family and companions would be of you! Envision all the consideration you will get from your companions and even the inverse sex! Envision the certainty! Envision the fun… envision! Go along with me and turn your fantasy, your creative ability into reality.

The Solution: Learning Directly From a Teacher all alone Time

Give me a chance to solicit you another couple from inquiries…

Is it accurate to say that you are the go-to mentor for Dabke in your City?

Have you prepared many dance artists for demonstrates the distance to moving for the President of France?

Have you invested the majority of your extra energy in the course of the most recent 10+ years exploring, going to workshops, moving in shows and showing individuals Dabke?

I have

Also, when you put that sort of commitment – that sort of enthusiasm – into creating and testing your moves, schedules and showing routines, you genuinely pick up a mind boggling comprehension of what is required for individuals to learn Dabke and possibly all the more imperatively, what must be forgotten, sparing your time, vitality and cash.

Dabke Post Card

Samir's Dabke showing methods have been tried, changed and demonstrated at endless weddings, celebrations and 100′s of shows (as yet tallying) from more than 8 nations around the globe.

Here is a specimen of three prominent oversights individuals make while doing Dabke. (These and numerous more are secured in Detail in my project)

Botch #1 - Doing the wrong sort of Dabke

It's a Lebanese wedding and individuals are doing Palestinian moves on the grounds that they don't have the foggiest idea about the distinction

Everybody is doing one adaptation of a move, and you're doing something entirely unexpected.

When you understand its typically past the point of no return in light of the fact that you're on camera and everything is recorded. Ouch!

Botch #2 - Timing is everything.

Timing is everything in Dabke. In the event that you don't know how to time your strides legitimately you will stand out, period! That and you will be sent to the back of the line with the little children and 90 year-old's.

Botch #3 - Posture and body situating

The excellence of Dabke is consistency. Can you lead a line? Do you know how to hold your shoulders up? Individuals commit a wide range of errors in light of the fact that they just dont know the moves.

How about we keep our Dabke delightful like our kin!

That is the reason our Dabke 101 preparation project is so stunning. It permits you to figure out how to position your body from head to toe AND shows you new steps all at your own pace, in the security you could call your own home, bringing about reliable and snappy Dabke learning.

Remarks from Samir's understudies

"Samir is an incredible Dabke educator"

"Samir is an incredible Dabke educator. His vital method for showing and his capable capacities are what put him over every other teacher. With his help I am presently positive about performing Dabke and being glad for speaking to my way of life in such a gifted and delightful way. I exceedingly prescribe him! On the off chance that you truely need to take in the REAL craft of center eastern Dabke, then look no place else. You have arrived at the correct individual and I guarantee you won't be baffled" Mona

"… Samir is the educator you require."

"Samir Hasan, one of only a handful few and uncommon men who still keeps the genuine Palestinian legacy and society going through his teachings to unadulterated customary Dabke move that has get to be terminated in today's life. Samir is extremely motivational and persistent when honing troublesome moves and does not get up and go until each part culminates the move. In the event that you have a craving for taking in the genuine Dabke move, then Samir is the teacher you require. You will unquestionably sweat and get take off, are you prepared?" Amer Khanfar

" … I view myself as to be halfway and I'm sufficiently sure to lead the women at weddings now."

"Before Samir taught me Dabke, I didn't know anything. I hunt all over the place down some material on the most proficient method to learn Dabke until I was sufficiently fortunate to discover him. After just a few lessons I see myself as to be middle of the road and I'm sufficiently certain to lead the women at weddings now. Samir is an expert and experienced teacher who will give you the best of the best instructing systems." Ruaa H

" I truly appreciate Dabkah now… "

"When I first found out about learning Dabkah, I didn't take it excessively genuine, in the meantime I truly needed to join, in light of the fact that its a conventional move that I ought to know at this point. When I initially began, I didn't know anything about it, until I met Samir Hasan, our mentor, and a gathering of astonishing individuals that made me focus on Dabkah. We began honing twice per week, putting great exertion, and yes we enhanced a considerable measure, regardless we require more practices yet abilities have enhanced a ton since we began. I truly appreciate Dabkah now, and this in light of the fact that we have an incredible enthusiastic teacher who needs to give out all that he has and all that he knows, as an individual from this extraordinary Dabkah group I very prescribe Samir Hasan to anybody that would like to know/learn Dabkah. Such an awesome individual to meet and gain from." Malek Kafaween

"… anybody with no foundation about Dabke can gain from you"

"I went for two or three times but then I took in the essentials so I'd say you are an astonishing educator. What helped me the most to learn rapidly was honing 1 on 1 with you. I think anybody with no foundation about Dabke can gain from you. Most noteworthy teacher I've ever known!" Anas Hasan

"… an expert Dabke educator who knows how to take his understudies from an apprentice level to expert level."

"My involvement with Samir's Dabke classes was awesome. He is an expert Dabke instructor who knows how to take his understudies from an apprentice level to expert level. His Dabke style is both customary and credible, and he knows the contrast between all other Dabke styles… Syrian, Lebanese..etc. I very suggest him as a Dabke teacher." Mohammad Abu-Jarad

Still not persuaded Samir will show you stunning Dabke? Maybe you'd like to have a fast read through his bio:

More than 100 Dabke exhibitions and shows mainly and universally

A few multicultural and legends celebrations in numerous nations including Canada, France, Britain, Norway, Palestine and Jordan

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